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Are you in conflict with another person and need a solution? Bekki McQuay, LPC can help you resolve disputes you are having with another person or negotiate terms of an agreement or settlement. With her experience as a mediator, Bekki will help you resolve conflicts you have with other people in hopes for a winning outcome for everyone involved.


Business Mediation

Mediation services to resolve business disputes among business partners or family members who are in conflict, in a family-owned business.


Couples Mediation

Sometimes you and your partner or spouse may come to a disagreement that needs an objective, third party to help you resolve differences.


Custody Resolution

As an alternative to going to court or engaging in a “custody battle,”  parents can create a visitation and custody agreement together, with mediation services.


Minor Criminal Mischeif

Whether a minor or adult has caused a conflict or property damage, Bekki can help you resolve your dispute through professional mediation.


Work Conflict

Disagreements in the workplace can be resolved between an employer, employee, or a co-worker.


Property and Damage Disputes

Conflict resolution over property damage, including tenant and landlord situations.

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Schedule An Appointment

When you and the other parties involved are ready to sit down and work through a solution, please contact us with availability options to schedule a mediation session.


1503 SW 10th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79101

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